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5 Tips for Choosing Low Cost Insurance

  • Find Cheap Ford Auto InsuranceEveryone loves to save money, and if you are still paying too much for car insurance, you need to take a second look at your existing coverage. Finding low cost insurance is a priority for many drivers who find that they can easily shave hundreds of dollars each year from their annual car insurance premiums with just a few tips from the pros.

    Avoid Over-insuring

    Many drivers are not aware of it, but they are driving around with way too much insurance for their current needs. The goal of insurance is to help make you whole again in the event of a covered loss. If you are driving a car that is worth $2000 and paying out $500 a year for insurance on that car, then the truth is that you are likely over-insured. As a rule of thumb, review your coverage amounts annually and only purchase the amount of insurance that you truly need.

    Drive Safely

    One of the top tips for getting the best rates is also the one for arriving at your destination in one piece: drive safely. By becoming a more conscientious driver, you can avoid many of the accidents and moving violations that will otherwise hold you back from getting the savings that you deserve.

    Shop and Save

    You wouldn't buy a major appliance without shopping around, right? Just as you wouldn't spend money for a new refrigerator without checking to see who has the best buy on it, you should not just go with the first carrier that your finger finds in the yellow pages. Moreover, you shouldn't feel obligated to stick with your current insurer, either. If your existing insurer is not giving you the best rates, "breaking up" is the best way to get a better deal. Although the idea of change is scary to some drivers, the truth is that as long as a new company provides you the same product at a better price, bidding farewell to a more expensive insurer is completely within your rights, and a smart move to make, too.

    Look for Discounts

    You would be shocked at the different discounts that you might be missing out on with your insurer, simply because you don't ask for them. Some discounts are automatically tacked onto your insurance policy, but not all. You will usually have to ask for the AAA discount, the professional organization member discount, or for the discount that most insurance companies give to retirees who abandon the long commute to and from work.

    Shop Online

    Like most things, car insurance tends to be cheaper when you pay for it in cyberspace. And with the advent of the internet and the abundance of drivers also having internet access on their phones, at work, and at home, most insurance carriers now allow you to sign your policy paperwork, file a claim, and make payments, all from the comfort of their home or office.